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Income Tax Planning and Preparation

We believe the most important first step of your overall financial strategy is tax planning. Hidden taxes are lurking around every corner, so don’t assume tax planning is being done for you. Assumptions could be costing you thousands in annual overpaid taxes. We also take the stress and burden off of you by providing a full-service preparation & compliance model for all your tax preparation needs.

Life Insurance Planning

Our first and foremost concern is making sure you have enough death benefit coverage to protect your loved ones and your overall financial health, in the event of your untimely passing. If something happens to you, the last thing you want is loved ones left behind worrying about money. In this low interest rate environment, you may need more death benefit than you think. We can also show you other unique ways life insurance can protect and provide for you while still living, including possible combined benefits that could solve a long term care protection need.

Asset Accumulation Planning

Climbing the retirement plan mountain can be done in several ways and different people prefer different options. Explore the options that work best for you and create a custom accumulation strategy based on your needs. This will also help provide clarity on just how big your mountain is, and how much climbing you have left to do.

Estate Planning

What happens when you’re gone? Having a plan can eliminate potential family disputes after your passing. We can show you how to protect children in a second marriage, so you can be sure not to unintentionally disinherit your children. It’s important to understand the different documents that exist in our legal system, and which ones are right for you. We’ll also provide a referral list of qualified attorneys who can assist in drafting the documents.

Asset Distribution Planning

Climbing the mountain is one adventure. Coming down the mountain safely is an experience unlike any other. Learn how to navigate markets, financial products, and taxes in an effort to live out retirement with an optimized and efficient income.

Business Succession and Exit Strategy Planning

Knowing how to transition to either a next generation or to a buyer is one of the most critical events for a business owner. Educate yourself on the variety of ways to accomplish these goals so you don’t cost yourself thousands of hard earned dollars that could have stayed in your pocket.

Legacy Planning

How will you be remembered? If desired, there are financial resources available through legacy planning to set up a legacy of your choosing for either your family, your community, or any other organization you hold dear.

Estate Tax Planning

Uncle Sam knocks at your door ever year for your annual income taxes. If he is knocking on your door for estate taxes, or if you are unsure if he may come knocking, please join us for some education to learn some of the many strategies to protect and efficiently pay any estate taxes that may come due. You worked hard for your wealth, so protect what you built and know you have options.